Services Provided

High Country Tree Service provides a number of services including:

  • Residential:

We offer a variety of services for Residential clients from small shrub trimming to removing larger trees. Insurance work is available. 

  • Commercial:

We offer a variety of services for Commercial clients from small shrub trimming to removing larger trees. We can work with you for your billing needs. We are insured and have all proper Tax information ready.

  • Small Municipalities:

Allow us to handle your Municipal Trimming and Removal needs. We have the proper knowledge of correct pruning techniques that regular municipal worker does not. Let us protect your communities’ investment.

  • Trimming / Pruning : Pruning is performed to ANSI A-300 Pruning Specifications.  

Pruning trees, especially when younger, helps promote healthy trees with good branch architecture. Again, think of a tree in its native environment, the forest. There the tree is in stiff competition with other trees. It is forced to grow fast and upright to fill what is usually a very limited space. Trees growing in man-made conditions usually have much more space and less competition. They will spread out to form much broader trees than they would if located in the forest. The branch structure will often be inadequate if the tree is left to develop on its own. These trees can develop hazard limbs that eventually could fail, leading to an early tree death.

Large and mature trees focuses on ensuring human safety and passage, minimizing limb failure or total- tree failure near targets such as buildings and cars, and maintaining tree health and vigor. 

This means: 

  • Minimizing hazardous conditions by cleaning and reducing weight where needed,  
  • Canopy raising where needed, and  
  • Maintaining small-diameter interior branches. It may be too late to make meaningful structural changes in trunk and scaffold limb architecture on some mature and over-mature trees. 

  • Removal :

Dead trees are a hazard to you and your neighbors! The only way to eliminate the hazard is to remove the tree. Even some of the taller stumps, 3' and higher (which is still topping) or nature trees (trees that are in every sense topped but for wildlife habitat) still pose a threat to person and property.

  • Stump Grinding :

Whether you have an older stump or have just had a tree removed, stump grinding can be performed to remove unwanted stumps. Grinding is performed by using a machine that chips up the stump to a few inches below ground level. Surface roots can also be ground to where they are no longer visible at the surface. Grindings/Chips are then back filled into the hole. 

  • Chipping :

Have a brush pile from your own trimmings? We can chip that pile of useless brush into valuable and useful mulch! Chips can be used for a variety of things from weed control to water saving flower bed mulch.

  • Climbing :

Do you have a tree in a limited access area? We provide Spike-less Climbing on trees that are trimmed. We can also climb those trees that may need to be removed.

  • Chips/Mulch :

Do you need Chips or Mulch? We often have FREE chips/mulch available; however some circumstances may require a small fee. Please fill out our contact form for more information.

  • Firewood :

Firewood is occasionally available in random lengths, typically from 4' - 6' long. Please fill out our contact form for more information.