Common Sense, Safety First

What are the true costs...

While some homeowners may feel it necessary to try and do tree work themselves, it can be very dangerous. More often the tree work would have been a small percentage of the resulting medical bills from a mishap.



PLEASE!! Let the professionals with the experience and the right equipment do the tree work for you. Your life and others will be at risk.


ASK FIRST!! Always ask and get proof that your Tree Service Company is Licensed and Insured. Never accept any proof of insurance unless it is directly from the insurance company. Certificates are FREE and the only way to make sure you are covered. Ask if they are licensed to work in your area, again you can get proof.



Proper Pruning

Proper Pruning, does not involve Topping. Topping, tipping, heading back and dehorning are all terms used to describe severe cutting back of a tree's crown. It is a poor arboricultural practice and should not be used for healthy tree maintenance. 



  • destroys the trees branch structure
  • gives multiple points of entry for wood decay organisms
  • can turn your tree into a hazard, creating a liability for which you could be held responsible
  • does not limit tree growth as advertised by un-licensed tree toppers.
  • will likely lead to tree removal.

The common reason given for topping is to limit the growth of a tree, but this does not occur. In reality, the fast-growing, vigorous watersprouts will actually outgrow a similar-sized tree that has not been topped in about 5 years after the topping.